Thursday, June 9, 2011

60 Seconds.

Ever watched this show??

At church Wednesday night we decided to play this "Minute to Win It". Four (4) teams were made and divided up. Two teams of Youth, One team of adults, and One team of the College/Career class. I am proud to say that the college/career class DOMINATED! It must have been because of our awesome t-shirts we made to wear :)
Neil was our "host" and decided to dress the part as Guy F. Don't they look alike?
 Here's Alycia being our Tean Leader and going over all the competitions and writing down who will participate in which ones!
 Alycia had to balance 6 dice on a popsicle stick that was in ther mouth. She did it!!
Kayla had to put 6 penne pasta shells on a dry spaghetti noodle with her mouth..
 Here's Mr.Deloney trying to keep 3 balloons up in the air for 60 seconds!
Heath had to throw playing cards into a watermelon and it had to stick in the melon, he was the ONLY one who got it!! :)
 Here's Heath's card in his watermelon!! 
Next up...MY TURN! I had to do the "UNICORN". This means I had to balance 7 Ding-Dong cakes on the forehead..needless to say they came tumling down after the 4th one else could do it either!

Next up..ERICA had to blow the ping pong balls off of the tray except the orange ones..SHE DID IT!
Erica and I! 
 Heath and I decided to show off our muscles for the camera!

I know this was long and included lots of pics, but hope you enjoyed it? Have any of you seen the show "Minute To Win It"?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!


  1. I LOVE Minute to Win It!!!!!

    So fun that y'all played it!

  2. Oh my gosh, looks like you guys had a blast!