Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mega Relay

Happy Weekend!!

Have any of you heard of 'Centrifuge' church camps? (aka FUGE)? FUGE is for youth 7th-12th grade and occurs during the summer at different Christian college campuses. The experience at FUGE is awesome every year! I went when I was in 7th-12th grade with my church. For like 90 minutes every day you have recreation with your assigned study groups. On the last day of camp ALL groups 7th-12th participate in MEGA RELAY. It's always a load of fun! This past Wednesday night the youth group at our church decided to split up into groups and have their own "mega relay" and they invited our College & Career class to join in on the fun! Our class really won, but we decided to come in 2nd :) Enjoy the pics!

Our college and career team! 
Fireman's chair carry! 
Haha! These pics crack me up! Rebeckah and I had to pop a water balloon between our backs! The next pic shows us using our better strategy and using our bottoms instead of back to POP it!
Neil had to eat out of a "dirty diaper"! No worries, it was just a melted candy bar in a diaper!
Running to the center and back while holding hands 
Heath decided to be the one to chug a HOT soft drink. I wouldv'e gotten sick if I had to do that!! 
But look at that him! He took it like a CHAMP! 
This is where you have to do "over and under" with a banana and the last person has to eat it! Josh was made to be in the back and eat the banana...
..yea, he doesn't even like banana's! 

Can you tell we had some fun? Thanks to Mrs. Kathy for posting some of these pics on FB, I was able to use some. Thanks to Mrs. Melissa for taking some pics with my camera while we tried to dominate :)

Have any of you had a "MEGA RELAY" or attended "FUGE"? I know some of you girls have! Please comment about your experience and any other "obstacles" you remember from a relay!

Have a FAULOUS weekend!!


  1. We did Mega Relays in our College BSU. It was so much fun and so entertaining! :)

    Looks like you had a great time!

  2. I haven't ever heard of either of those but that relay looks like so much fun!! I could NOT have chugged a warm soda- ick!

  3. I had so much fun at the mega relay thing even though I had no idea what we were doing the whole time! haha I'm excited to see you 3x this week too! Shopping trip = SOON. We shall plan it next time we get together. And I didn't know you were going to the lake!! You're obviously not filling me in on your life. ;)