Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parties and Football

Time was well spent during Kyle, Rebecca, and Richard 's visit with parties that included Iron Bowl, Dad's Birthday, and Kyle's Birthday! For Game Day, we had homemade soup, spinach dip, and other tailgate foods :) For my dad's birthday celebration we went to Conestoga Steakhouse and came home for cheesecake! For my brother Kyle's birthday we went and ate MEXICAN at a local favorite and came home for Kyle's fav cake EVER...Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake!


 Dad's 60th Birthday!!

 We had such a fun time with the birthday blowers! We all acted like we were 5 years old!
Next up...KYLE'S 27th BIRTHDAY Celebration

We had such a fun time celebrating BIRTHDAYS and can't wait to celebrate MANY more wonderful birthdays and holidays together!

*Check back for Christmas pics and gender reveal! I'm trying to catch up!


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  1. Looks like you had amazing times at the parties!! Happy Birthday to everyone!