Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time Slow Down...

Y'all... Where has the time gone? My precious baby boy is almost 8 months old!!! I mean seriously?! I haven't posted in MONTHS... But if you follow me on Instagram then you don't miss anything! I will admit I'm a bit of an "overgrammer". Here's a little recap and some favorite pics of our sweet man!
At 6 weeks old we went on out with friends for dinner and ChaCha watched Brooks and he slept all night long IN HIS CRIB!!

Brooks' first trip to the beach! We love spending time on 30A!
We've been attending a playgroup called "Mornings with Mommy"
We celebrated his HALF BIRTHDAY in January!

Brooks has 4 teeth and can crawl EVERYWHERE! He loves to pull up on anything and everything to stand! We just love him SO much and are so thankful for our little blessing!! 

We are so glad SPRING has come! Are you? 

-The Mrs. 

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