Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Trips

Here's a run-down of my day today :) It's been busy but fun!

*I had Math class..we all know I dislike math with a passion
*Then I went to vote. (Our town voted today whether to or not to build a new high school and increase our property teaxes and stuff to pay for it)

*Mom and I went shopping to look for her Mother of the Groom dress.

*We got CUPCAKES from Cupcake's Ya'll :) Of course I got Poundcake with Cream Cheese Icing and also a Peanut Butter for later. Mom got Key Lime!
*Then, off to Firehouse Subs for Lunch!

*After lunch, Mom and I both had eye appointments. It has been 4 years since the last time we have gone...I know, I know, it's awful. Here I am waiting on the doctor!

Can you believe I am blind as a bat! My vision is -8.50...Looks like Lasik surgery within the next year :)

*After that we went to get some new make-up

*Then dinner at a FABULOUS mexican restauraunt called La Parilla's, then came home and watched the elimination of Dancing with the Stars.

Have a GREAT week!!



  1. That cupcake looks yummy and I haven't had Firehouse subs in forever. I want some now though.

  2. Yep did the voting thing today too....as you may know already it did NOT pass. Yep did the eye thing last week too...Blinder than a blind bat!!! Yep! $404.0 later I have new glasses. Yep had a cupcake of sorts...actually it was a whole grain chocolate chunk muffin....just as good and for frosting I used the whipped topping in the squirt can...you know the one you shake and turn outsde down in your mouth...I mean on the cupcake;)!! YuM!
    Have a good week!:)

  3. mmm cupcakes!!!!

    i love/miss firehouse subs. they closed the one down the street from us! (deep sigh)