Monday, April 19, 2010


Here's a little update on what's been going on around here :)
This weekend my parents and I went here...
And bought this...Dad put this together yesterday afternoon and we have enjoyed it alot on our back patio. Momma and I love to swing! So does Chloe :)

Speaking of Momma, she and I have been playing ALOT of this while she has been off work from her surgery.
Chloe likes to play with us :)

Today at work Amie and I got some 'BBQ Shack'! So yummy! They have the best fried shrimp and corn nuggets EVER!!! Mrs. Rhonda who owns "BBQ Shack" put a surprise in there for us!!


Amie and I have NEVER had banana pudding we tried it. It was yummy!

*I also made a 97 (and a 102 on the one before)on my business law test last week! Go me! :)*
Have a FABULOUS day!!!
*Remember the giveaway for becoming a fan of Hissyfits?? Yea, totally will announce that tomorrow. Forgive me :)


  1. I love card games and banana pudding...can't believe y'all have never had it!

  2. Congrats on your test!! That's great! :)

    That chair is so cute!!!! I need to get me one of those! I could sit in it for hours outside reading a book.