Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Decor 2013

I know it's a little late, BUT better late than never! Here's some of our Christmas decor from our 1st Christmas as Husband and Wife! 

We have a lime green and red theme that ran throughout our home, which I love! Traditional yet funky!

Here's our tree! The big red bow will be replaced next year ;) We totally don't have any stocking holders or a mantle, so we improvised!
We also have another tree that I don't have a picture of!! How could I? Ugh! Anyways, it's our Married Christmas tree and includes our engagement ornaments as well as wedding ornaments! It's my favorite tree in the whole world :) I didn't want to take it down! Here's a sample of some of the ornaments that it displayed :)
I LOVE the way these wreaths turned out! Thankful for Pinterest!
This was a thrown together centerpiece for our table. Our dishes are the "Simply Christmas" by M. Bagwell
Andy and I just LOVED receiving Christmas cards from friends and family!! We displayed them in our foyer!
Here's a little peek of our front door, this was the beginning stage of the decor process! Clearly should've taken a nighttime picture! The tree has clear lights on it and the garland is my fav!! It came from SAMs Club! I also added a Christmas door mat.
These are my FAVORITE frames!! I snagged another red one yesterday on after Christmas sale for 75% off :)
 The frames include a couple pics from our Christmas photo shoot with the cousins, our furbaby and Logan!

I'll be back soon! Promise ;) Until then, have a fabulous day!

-the new mrs.

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