Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Days!

Just FOUR days until I'm not technically a teenager anymore! Saturday is my 20th Birthday! Yay! I don't know exactly what I'm going to do quite yet. Each year my family always goes to eat at the restauraunt of my choosing and I get a cake/cupcakes :)

SO SORRY I haven't blogged in a week...its just been really busy around here! I thought for a post today, since nothing new is really going on in my life, that I would show you some pics of birthdays past. Now I haven't had my laptop long, and don't have birthday pics from years before on here, so these are just from my 18th and 19th birthdays :)

First off, I REALLY wish I had a pic of my 16th bithday cake on here...but I dont :( It was a 3 tiered fondant cake. The bottom layer was brown with hot pink, turquoise, lime, and purple stripes. The middle layer was brown with the above colored polka dots, and the top was just like the bottom. It had curly q's sticking out from the top and a big "16". It resembled something like this, but three tiers and curly q's sticking out and in the colors above :)

I found this pic from http://www.sweetindulgencescakes.com/.

For my 18th birthday I decided to eat at Olive Garden and I told mom I wanted a monogramed zebra cake. She found a lady in town, and here it is.

Here's a pic of my friend Kaylyn and cousin Darby. Please don't mind this awful pic of me.

I loved my big gift for my 18th bday! I need to get it back out, and get my abs looking good for spring break!
Do you notice "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast in the background? I was in plays in high school and mom always decorated my gift tables at home accordingly. The play was "Beauty and the Beast", and it was going on the week of my birthday. I was a dancer :) Maybe I should talke about the plays in another post!!..I think I will.
So my mom likes to make birthdays special and on my 19th birthday, I had Krispy Kreme for breakfast!! Yum! I think I ate half a dozen :/ She is always doing sweet thing throughout the day! :)
Instead of cake we had CUPCAKES! Of course they had my monogram!!
Here's me and my FABULOUS grandparents!!

I hope you enjoyed the pics! Tonight I have a dinner date with my BFF Courtney after work! I hope so badly I remember to get a pic this time!

Have a FABULOUS day!



  1. Oh how much FUN!!!!
    That ZEBRA theme is toooo cute!
    I adore birthdays too!
    Happy Birthday Week Sweet Girl!
    Parrrrty Big!

  2. Aww you have such a sweet mom!!

    P.S. Belle is my favorite Disney princess ;)

  3. I found your blog from Kelly's Korner! I'm definitely going to have to make some monogrammed cupcakes sometime, those look yummy! :)

  4. Sweet b-day memories!! Hope you have a wonderful 20th!! The year will fly by you now! Look out!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful 20th and your cake makes me want to have a graduation party in May. I actually just emailed my friend to see if she wanted to have a party so we could have cake!! :)

  6. All of this is making me want some cake ASAP! But I don't need any at all!! I remember turning 20 and felt like it was kind of like a new chapter in life! Enjoy this time!! And enjoy what ever kind of amazing, cute cake you have - and share with us!!

  7. You seriously had the PRETTIEST lil birthday cakes!! :) I'm in love with the monogrammed labels for your cupcakes and the zebra cake. I hope you have a fun weekend and birthday party, doll!


  8. Oh, so fun! That zebra cake is too adorable! :) Hope your birthday is fabulous!