Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, I had a fun time at the beach and came back to my mom in the hospital! Eeeek! Long story short, she had stomach pains on her right side for 2 days. She FINALLY went to the E.R. after work one morning (good thing she works at a hospital)and come to find out..she had an "angry appendix". That's what the surgeon he took it out. My dad is out of town and I am taking care of her this week. I go back to work tomorrow and I am scared to leave her home alone :( She's really sore and can't lift or do much of anything. Keep her in your prayers please, and me so I don't worry about her too much while at work :)

So here are some pics of my new car and the BEACH this weekend! I didn't take near as many pics as I should have. I realized I never took any when we went to eat at Margaritaville and Back Porch.

Here's my new car! I have no clue what to name her. Do you name your cars? My old car was a Mailbu, and everyone called her "Malli"..Any names for this car?..I'm thinking Sadie?

Here's a question: What is your favorite beach snack? I LOVE Special K crackers or Wheat Thins, and baby Goldfish!

Have a FABULOUS day!!



  1. I will keep your mom in my prayers! Love the beach pics and the new ride ;)

  2. Oh yes I have named all of my cars...Let's see there has been "white lighting" "patty the platapus" "black betty" and I'm still working on a name for my current vehicle. "Sadie" is very cute! Hope you mom gets to feeling better!!

  3. Great beach pictures! Makes me miss Hawaii...

    Ahh, gotta love a Passat. That's why my hubster drives and it's awesome! I always tell him I fell in love with his heated-leather seats before I fell in love with him.

    Hope your mom mends quickly!

  4. Hey .. Not to be mean or anything, but there are crazy people out there I would blur out my license plate if I were you! But other than that the car is soooo pretty!!

  5. Congrats on your new car! It's super cute! I'm a navy girl too. You definitely have to name your car! Mine's named Xavier. I always try to name them by the same letter of the type of car, i.e. XC90 = Xavier. I'll be praying for your mom and a speedy recovery!

  6. Cute beach pics and Love the new car.

  7. Praying for your mom's fast recovery. The car is fabulous!! Love the color!!! An you look great. Such a fun time!!!