Monday, June 14, 2010


I just love blog awards! My favorite awards are those that come from people that I've never met before but read about their daily lives through their blogs and feel as if I've known them for years.

Thanks Andrea from Life In Dawleywood for the Simply Southern Blog Award!!

The Rules:
1. Copy and paste the award image onto your blog or website.
2. Answer the question "In your opinion, what makes a person a true southerner?"
3. Bestow the award upon a favorite southern blog!

I believe a true Southerner is one who is considerate, kind, and goes out of their way to give someone a compliment. A true Southerner always has a smile on their face and their head held high in all situations! Southerners say 'coke', not 'pop' and 'ya'll', not 'you all' or 'everyone'.

Here's a favorite quote of mine about The South.

"The South is a place where the tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, summer starts in April, macaroni and cheese is a vegtable, front porches are wide and words are long, pecan pie is a staple, "ya'll" is the only proper noun, chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy, everything is darlin', and someone's heart is always being blessed."

One of my favorite southern blogs is a woman who I love and is truly a SOUTHERN GIRL! She deserves this award more than anyone I know! I know her personally and can honestly tell you, she is very southern and proud of it! Cora at Heartfelt and Homemade :)


Thanks Ashley at Miss Ashley in Mississippi for the "I love your blog" award!!

The rules for this award are to list 10 things I love and to pass it on to 10 other blogs. Here goes!

1. God

2.My family and spending lots of time with them

3.My friends

4. My job and the wonderful people I've met while working there

5. Shopping for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

6. Dessert foods, anything sweet! Cookies, cupcakes, icing, you get the picture :)

7. Making lists and checking things off

8. The beach

9. Traveling and taking road trips

10. Jewelry :)

I pass this award to anyone who follows my blog that would like this award, because I honestly love everyone's blogs that I follow. Each person has different interests, whether its about life, food, shopping, movies, or vacations. Each blog is unique and that is what I love :)

Have a fabulous day ya'll!

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  1. Thank you so much my sweet southern friend. True words spoken here about us southerns!!

    Love your "new" look. Very cute!!
    I'm so far behind on reading blogs...we had VBS last week as you know, and I'm cat sitting again for Holly while they are in Arkansas.
    Thanks again and have a fabulous week :)