Monday, June 14, 2010


Guess where I will be in 14 Days?

London, England!!!!!

I am SO excited!!! I am going to start packing later this week, just to make sure I don't forget anything :) Of course the main reason we are going is because my brother is getting married!!! Lots of sightseeing and shopping will take place as well :)

Have any of ya'll been to England? Anything you think we should do or see? Any restaurants or stores you recommend? Any tips on what I should bring on my carry-on for the LONG flight and layovers?

*My camera adaptor that Mom ordered came in today, YIPPEE! Now I can upload some pics from the weekend :)



  1. How cool! I've always wanted to go! Can't wait to hear what you say about it and see all your awesome pics! I know you are just SOO excited!! =)

  2. OMGoodness!
    LONDON is my favorite city in the world!
    Love love love love London!
    Are you flying British Airways out of Atlanta?

  3. Bring a toothbrush, any contact stuff you use, and an extra pair of underwear in case your luggage gets lost! :) But have SOOO much fun, I love London! I can't imagine what a wedding there would be like, make sure to post pictures!! :)

  4. That trip will be amazing! That's so cool your brother chose London as his wedding venue. I have never been outside of north America before, I bet there will be so many unique things and places to take pictures of!

  5. That is so exciting!!!!!!!!! I hope you have an amazing time and I can't wait to see some pictures! :)

  6. Have fun and I wish Kyle and his new bride much happiness.
    Be safe.

  7. How exciting! I have always wanted to go to England! YOU HAVE to take a ton of pictures and be ready to blog about evverything! Cannot wait to hear all about the trip!

  8. This is a great time of year to go to London....if you have time, be sure to see Trafalgar Square and at least one museum (National Gallery is cool!). Take plenty of moisturizer in 3oz containers for the dries out most people's skin pretty bad. Have a blast!

  9. How very exciting! I used to live there so I am sure you will not be disappointed. I'm originally a beach lovin' Bama girl but London is by far my favorite city in the world (even despite the wicked weather). If you haven't already, grab a travel book for the plane with some history of the city so you appreciate it all the more when you see it in person! Have fun - please post pics - I miss it over yonder...

  10. How exciting! This will be such a trip of a lifetime!

  11. You are going to have such a blast! Take lots of pics :)