Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beach Trip!

Jereme and I went to Destin, FL for the day this past Friday to enjoy some shopping and just enjoy a day off :) We went to the outlets first. They just opened a Juicy Couture outlet so I was anxious to see that, didn't find anything that I just HAD to have though :( maybe another time.

Saks 5th Avenue had some really good sales going on, as did all the other stores because of Father's Day weekend. I bought the following at Coach for my trip to England :)

Jereme bought this Coach turtle keychain for me :)
How cute is this dress? Sorry its so small.
Jereme bought some Polo shirts and some running shorts while we were there. After shopping for awhile, we started to get an appetite so we decided to eat at Hard Rock Cafe'.

Jereme ordered the Legendary Burger.

Legendary 10 oz. Burger
Famous the world over: topped with seasoned bacon, two slices of Cheddar cheese, a crisp fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

I ordered the Honey-Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwich (SO YUMMY!)

Honey-Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwich
A grilled boneless chicken breast served on a butter-toasted bun with honey mustard, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Jack cheese. Served with seasoned fries and fresh coleslaw.

After a delicious lunch, we strolled through and did some shopping in an outdoor mall with some specialty stores. They had a Yankee Candle store and I just HAD to get Momma a surprise! There was a Tropical Smoothie there and Friday was FLIP-FLOP Day! If you wore your flip-flops then you recieved a FREE Banana-Strawberry Smoothie :) Lucky us..we both had on flip-flops!

*Jereme did NOT have 2 smoothies, he was holding both of ours :)

Gotta' love a self taken car photo!

As we were leaving Destin and heading home we just so happened to see this. I won't say anything. The picture says it all. Sad, sad. The oil is almost in Panama City, hour and and 15 minutes away from me, the beach I usually go to.

Saturday night Jereme and I went to see the following movie and it was hillarious!



  1. That sandwich sounds SO yummy!! And Destin has the best malls to shop. The outlet mall always makes for good finds! Have you ever heard of the Red Bar?? It's a fab local flavor one beach over and their food and atmosphere is AMAZING!! Check it out if you don't know about it!

  2. just found your blog.. ya'll are so cute! I love that turtle keychain and outlets are the BEST!

    (PS: I also just became your newest follower -- look forward to getting to know you!!!)

  3. My boyfriend was born and raised in Niceville and I love shopping at the outlets in Destin while we're there visiting his family! I adore the turtle keychain your sweet beau got you! Lucky girl!

  4. I love that turtle key chain! It is just adorable!