Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was the last one before school started Monday. I've been out of school now for almost a year and I have LOVED my lil "break"! But now, it's back to Business...literally. lol.

Friday night after work I met up with my friend Brittany. I work with her at the bank, but we've been friends for a few years now :) We went to go see the movie Crazy,Stupid Love.
 It was pretty good! Here's a pic of us before we left her house to head to the movies. It was one of many we took that night. PLEASE don't talk about the awful bags under my eyes, please and thank you ;) Also, I left my honky-tonk camera and had to use the ol' cell! So...maybe the poor camera quality is what made me have bags under my eyes?? A girl can wish right?
No pics for Saturday, I just went to put air in my tire (not me, someone else..i dont do any "guy" stuff like that), and I got my nails 'did', and  attended a wedding for my dear friend Andrew and his new bride Faith. It was such a sweet ceremony and every one had a great time :)
Sunday was the first day for our NEW preacher at church! His name is Dr. Steve King and he has the most gorgeous family and they are so sweet! Since us Southern Baptists love a good meal and some fellowship, a "potluck" or "dinner on the grounds" was after the church service in the fellowship hall. Here's a pic of Erica and I. Thanks to Erica for changing the pic to Black and White :) She knows I just HATE colored pics of myself!
Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week so far!!
I'm headed off to class!


  1. I've been really wanting to see Crazy Stupid Love. Ahh...Ryan Gossling.


  2. You look so cute in that dress! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I saw Crazy Stupid Love & it was so so good!!

    By the way, I love the dresses you and your friend have on, so classy ;]