Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

I can't believe that the month of August is over! This year has just flown by! This weekend is the first weekend of SEPTEMBER...which means SEC Football starts...WAR EAGLE! August went out with a bang, I was able to spend time with friends, shop, and visit my grandparents :)

Friday night I did some homework and studied for some tests I have next week. Nothing too exciting. Saturday morning I had breakfast with ERICA and Josh at KC's Donuts in downtown Ozark...SO YUMMY! I'm totally serious people...if you live in the area you MUST try their donuts!!!
After devouring some donut holes and a diet coke, I decided to go to Dothan to a new boutique that opened up. It's called VITA LUNA. So friendly and the clothes are real cute and DIFFERENT! I got a cute leopard top and GAMEDAY dress to wear this weekend! Also, since it was their grand opening I got 15% off...GO ME!
I then went and got this super fabulous headband for a baby gift! How cute is this?!?!

Saturday night I went out with Courtney, Shane, and Summer! I only took these pics and that's it! We started the night at Rodeo's for some amazing daiquiri's :) I'm wearing my new top from VITA LUNA.

After Rodeo's we met Summer in Enterprise and had a fun time catching up!
How was your last weekend in AUGUST?

Monday, August 29, 2011


I have a new weakness my friends, It is something you should ALL try. It is something simple. Something delicious. Something amazing.

CHIK-FIL-A Cookies n' Cream milkshake
If you live in the "Circle City" area, head on over to the Ross Clark Circle location and get THIS card before they are gone.

The other day as I was getting my milkshake at the drive-thru and the sweet girl who took my order gave me this card to use once a month for a free breakfast item. How awesome is that! I will definitely be going before work to get my free chicken sandwich/mini's!

What's your favorite breakfast item from Chik-Fil-A?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School and Denim..

Happy Weekend!!! My days have been filled with work, evening classes, homework, and hanging out with the fam and friends :) I wanted to share with you gals these super cute jeans I got from American Eagle! I haven't worn their jeans in years, but I just couldn't pass these up!

Regular $49.99
On Sale for $29.99
15% off coupon for new Fall 2011 Item
TOTAL: $26 plus some change

Speaking of jeans and denim have any of you seen this Target commercial? It cracks me up!!
Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tea Anyone?

Living in the South is pure bliss, for me anyways! Believe it or not, there's so much you can look forward to here in south Alabama.
  • The tea is ALWAYS sweeter
  • When Fall finally arrives, it always greets you with a smile!
  • Hospitality is always shown, even during football season..WarEagle!
  • The main event is our National Peanut Festival. Who doesn't want to eat tons of food and mingle with thousands of your closest "neighbors" to celebrate the PEANUT?
This past week I had a lunch date with some FABULOUS gals from work. A sweet client of ours came in ranting and raving about a local tea house in downtown Dothan, Al. After we were told about this charming little tea house and the "teapot room", we discovered that the sweet client decided that she would treat us gals to lunch. What a sweet gesture! Where I work we don't turn down food, we love to eat :) May I present to you a hidden treasure in Dothan, Al....

After parking your car in one of the two parking areas, walking up the back steps and onto the beautiful wrap around porch with tons of wicker furniture, you are greeted by a southern gentleman who politely opens the door for you and welcomes you with a friendly smile. He then escorts you down a corridor and discusses the lunch options you have to choose from.

Renae, Donna, and I chose the Chicken Salad on croissant with fruit. DELICIOUS! The chicken salad was very good and the fruit was so fresh!
Always gotta' have my Diet Coke!
Brittany decided on the Ham quiche and fruit. She said it was very good! She had never had a quiche before and was skeptical, but she loved it! A cute little cinnamon muffin was nestled on the plate as well! 
Mildred's also has a "buffet of the day" On this particular day they served fried chicken, collard greens, green beans, mashed potatotes, sliced SLOCOMB tomatoes, and homemade banana pudding!

We decided to take a look around the venue. We learned a little bit of history on this historic 'Dowling' house that hosts events like business luncheons, bridal showers/luncheons, birthdays, etc. Mrs. Mildred purchased the home in 1996 and it has been Mildred's Tea Room ever since! I knew that Mildred's Tea Room existed "back in the day" but had no clue it was still up and running and has never closed its doors! 

The upstairs is where large luncheons and private parties are held. It's decorated all "Christmasy". Is that even a word? I have a cute/funny pic of Renae and Donna walking down the stairs but decided to be nice and not post it, because I didn't tell them I was taking the picture :)
Here's Brittany and I in the TEAPOT ROOM. This isn't even 1/4 of the teapots!!
I just want to bake lots of savory sweets and display them on all these pretty cake plates!
Displayed in the corridor is a small Christmas tree with shoes hanging on it..LOVE!
If your in the Dothan area, stop by Mildred's Restaurant and Tea Room on North Alice Street in Dothan. They are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11-2 and Sundays from 11-2.
Fun times shared with friends are bittersweet and down in the south fun times are sure to be had!

Have a FABULOUS week!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was the last one before school started Monday. I've been out of school now for almost a year and I have LOVED my lil "break"! But now, it's back to Business...literally. lol.

Friday night after work I met up with my friend Brittany. I work with her at the bank, but we've been friends for a few years now :) We went to go see the movie Crazy,Stupid Love.
 It was pretty good! Here's a pic of us before we left her house to head to the movies. It was one of many we took that night. PLEASE don't talk about the awful bags under my eyes, please and thank you ;) Also, I left my honky-tonk camera and had to use the ol' cell! So...maybe the poor camera quality is what made me have bags under my eyes?? A girl can wish right?
No pics for Saturday, I just went to put air in my tire (not me, someone else..i dont do any "guy" stuff like that), and I got my nails 'did', and  attended a wedding for my dear friend Andrew and his new bride Faith. It was such a sweet ceremony and every one had a great time :)
Sunday was the first day for our NEW preacher at church! His name is Dr. Steve King and he has the most gorgeous family and they are so sweet! Since us Southern Baptists love a good meal and some fellowship, a "potluck" or "dinner on the grounds" was after the church service in the fellowship hall. Here's a pic of Erica and I. Thanks to Erica for changing the pic to Black and White :) She knows I just HATE colored pics of myself!
Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week so far!!
I'm headed off to class!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another SAM'S Find

I am just LOVING my new SAM'S membership :) I love the low gas prices, $1.25 Coke Icee's, bulk food, and low price magazines and books! When I bought my new planner that is in the previous post, I also found and bought this devotional book for UNDER $6! It includes 12 weeks of bible study and questions for "deeper digging". I am SUPER excited to start this tomorrow and will let ya'll know how well I enjoy it!

OVER THE TOP: Discover God's Extravagant Love
Forward by Mary Graham
Here's what the back of the book says. This helped "draw me in" and I knew this was a must-have!

Do you think you know everything there is to know about God? Do you think you understand the extent of His love?

It's easy to take God for granted. We go to church, read the bible, discuss God in small groups and Sunday school, and all of a sudden we are God experts. We know God loves us. We know He showers His generosity over us. We know He restores us. God's love is not a trickle, but a deluge; His generosity is not a drizzle, but a flood. He delights in surprising us beyond our wildest dreams. Are you ready to be amazed? Then come catch a glimpse of everything God has in store for you as He goes above and beyond, forward and onward. Over the top.

Have you ever come on anything quite like the extravagant generosity of God? Romans 11:33

Sam's Club also had these other 12-week devotional books too! I can't wait to get these as well, I may need to go ahead and get them before they sell out!

*EXPERIENCING PEACE: With God you can live beyond fear
*DISCOVERING JOY IN YOUR CREATIVITY: You are made in the image of a creative God
*IMAGINE: God can do more than you ever dreamed.
*EMBRACING YOUR STRENGHTS: Who am I in God's eyes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Planning Made Easy..and cute!

Recently, I have been on a huge hunt for the PERFECT 2012 planner that is super cute and fits in my purse. It needs to be stylish and perfect for helping me stay organized! This week I went to Sam's Club during my lunch break and my hunt ended. I found this FABULOUS planner for under $9! They had 2 different designs to choose from and I chose this one by Lily Ashbury (she also designs fabric).
It came complete with stickers to help with reminders of things such as; Pay Bills, Family Event, Weekend Getaway,Party, Movie, Girls Night, Volunteer, Shopping, Lunch Date, Coffee Date, Vacation, Doctor, Dentist, Hair Appt, Nail Appt, and Birthdays! How awesome is that? Here's a peek at the inside :)
 If you want your own planner like I bought but you aren't a Sam's Club member, then no worries!! Just order one from HERE for $14.99.

One thing I love is that each week the planner has a quote to help start your week on a positive note! I thought I would share with you this week's quote.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." -Albert Einstein

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly Movie Night

Momma and I had our weekly movie date tonight! We decided to eat at Red Elephant for dinner where Momma ordered the grilled and blackened MahiMahi and I ordered the O-SO-Fabulous "Pasta Ya-Ya" (without mushrooms of course). It was simply delicious!! Here's an awful cell phone pic ..they forgot to NOT add mushrooms, so they had to take it back and make it without mushrooms. Underneath the chicken is some fantastic cooked carrots and squash :)

We decided to see Change-Up tonight. It was quite hillarious!
 I am soo ready for The Help to come out!! It comes out TOMORROW! I start back to school next week and no more movie nights with Momma :(
Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lately Lovin's

Happy Monday!

Weekends are always so short, why is that? This past weekend I spent my time relaxing, watching movies, and hanging out with my bff Rebekah :) I also picked up a tennis raquet and played for a bit, which I haven't done in 3 years, and walked downtown! Then it got WAY TOO HOT! 

I figured I would share with ya'll some things I'm lovin' lately :)

Starting with food first! Because that's the most important

Rold Gold Braided Twists - Honey Wheat flavor
-These things are AMAZING! The perfect lil' healthy snack too. The honey taste has a nice lil' sweet kick.
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches- Cookies and Cream flavor
-I haven't tried any of the other flavors, but I'm sure they are just as fabulous. These are ONLY 150 Calories a sandwich!!! Score!
I am lovin' these $69.90 Express dress pants I totally scored on clearance for $17.99 :)
Big Brother!
I am loving that Jordan and Jeff are still in it and going strong! Rachel is getting on my nerves and I wish she'd go home!

Anyone else lovin' anything lately?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Smore' Lovin'!

I just love a good CUPCAKE. There's nothing better than a little cupcake pick-me up to make any day turn so much better! Look what Momma got me yesterday as a special "Big Brother" watchin' treat!!
Look how yummy this looks...wanna get a better close up?

In case your wondering...DELICIOUS!!! Momma and I also tried their new specialty. Chocolate Covered BACON!! Pretty good if you ask me :)

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer's Ending..

Summer is coming to an end and school is starting back up again! Personally, I am beyond ready for fall! I just love the changing of the leaves, cool, crisp air, boiled peanuts, and cute sweaters/coats! This past weekend I had a girls night with my best friend Rebekah! It was MUCH needed! We had dinner at a newer brick oven pizza restaurant in historic downtown Dothan and had a blast catching up on life. I didn't take any pics of our girls night, but here's a pic of the new top I wore from Charlotte Russe! I showed my student ID and got 10% off :) It looks better in person! I wore it with skinny jeans and my Gianni Bini wedges :)

I also got 2 necklaces for $5 a piece at CR!! Here's a pic of one of them.

Saturday Erica did my make-up for Heath's 10-year high school reunion!! My face is usually really dry so Erica decided to give me a steam facial :) It was fun and now my face is super soft and not dry! Here's an awful blurry phone pic :) See the steam? No laughing, because this was OBVIOUSLY before the make-up was applied :)
I personally didn't take any pics from the reunion...crazy me right?!?!? I do have a friend that took some, so maybe I will post some later on.

Is anybody trying to squeeze any last minute trips/activities into the remainder of summer?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday Movie Night

Tuesday's have always been "date night" for momma and I! Heath has been coming. Heath has been coming with us every now and then if he's off work :) Last night we went to see Captain America, it was really good!
Last week, we saw was hillarious!
Any thoughts on what we should see next week?