Sunday, February 2, 2014


Andy and I have been visiting a new church since we've been married. We love everything about it so far and most importantly, we feel like we can grow more together spiritually and as a couple. We also feel as if there are numerous opportunities to serve with this church, something that is very important to us! 

Anyways, we love the senior pastor at this church and we both get a lot out of his messages. Right now he is preaching a series called "The Real Deal", which is all about relationships. Today's sermon was Part 4: Forgiveness. I really felt it in my heart that I should share with y'all today. Andy is out of town this weekend on business and I hate that he wasn't there this morning to hear the message, but no worries... I will tell him about it!

Before we started we looked at Acts 15:36-40!


1. What Men Do that Irritate Women.
      -He doesn't listen
      -He doesn't share his feelings
      -He is short-tempered
      -He fails to help around the house
      -Too negative

Now, i may be a little bias but my husband does majority of whats on the above list. That list is based on a national study. Reading that made me a little bit more thankful for my husband than I already am. The preacher talked mentioned the joke... What is a tall, dark, and handsome, perfect guy? He is...a Rumor.. it was funny if you were there. But again, I believe my husband is perfect..perfect for me.

2. What Women Do that irritate Men.
       -Disinterested inIntimacy 
       -She nags me
       -She overreacts
       -She is negative
       -She criticizes me

Us gals don't do any of that do we? ;)

The preacher talked about the 21 Rule. I haven't heard of that until this morning! The 21-Rule is basically for every 1 Krispy Kreme doughnut we eat, we need 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. We need to OFFER WORDS OF PRAISE not only to our spouse or significant other, but to everyone! What if for every 1 negative word we said about someone, we say 20 words of Praise?!? We must SEEK TO UNDERSTAND, Something my hubby is always telling me :)

3. The Battle Within
     -Read Matthew 9:9-13

4. Healing... All My Soul
     - Read Colossians 3:12-13
         -Remember that clothe=cover
     - Six words: I AM SORRY, I FORGIVE YOU!

-the new Mrs.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this post!! It is all so true, thank you for sharing!! :)