Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Logan Turns ONE

It has been what seems like forever since my last post, and I'm sorry. I know that I don't have as many followers as I did 2+years ago and no one may be reading this post. The real reason I blog or "used to" is to remember special events, gatherings, trips, etc. That is what I plan on continuing, especially since I'm a married lady now :) One of my favorite way to social media is Instagram, please follow me if you read my blog! I post at least once a day. 

The hubby and I have marked quite a few things off of our "To-Do" list the past couple of months :) 

We bought a new SUV! I am so excited to have all the extra room and cargo space, definitely not used to it yet! I love all the technology features like PushStart, Navigation, Blutooth, BackUp Camera, etc... It's the ultimate "Aunt Babe" car :) Logan has already enjoyed watching "Frozen" while on his first ride! 

...and 10 minutes later, he was OUT!

You can't tell from the picture, but it's a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited... LOVE it! Speaking of love...what do you think of my new Lilly Pulitzer shorts I'm wearing in the picture? 

The hubby and I also bought new bedroom furniture! Hello KING size bed and MATCHING dressers and nightstands! It should be delivered later this week, praise Jesus!

Back to what my post title is all about... Our sweet nephews 1st Birthday! I can't believe that a year has come and gone since out little Logibear graced us with his presence :) He is such a sweet, smart, and charming little baby! Enjoy a little preview of his Red Wagon theme party that my fabulous momma "threw" for him! 

Logan ADORES our little furbaby Chloe! They have the best time playing and riding the wagon together!

Have a lovely Wednesday! It feels good to be back :)

-The Mrs.


  1. Hey lady! Whats your instagram name?

  2. Awesome! We used to live right down the road in Enterprise! Good luck wedding planning!