Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Wedding Fun

There's nothing better than a wedding. Except maybe a FALL wedding :) Last weekend I attended a fall wedding in north Georgia with my friend Caleb (remember AL football game??). His sister Anna was the beautiful bride! Three years ago, I attended his other sister, Amber's wedding too! I guess I'm a good date since he asked me twice! I don't have lots of pics of the festivities, but here's a few that I took and were taken of Caleb and I!
The Fabulous Family 
of the Bride :)
Caleb and I. Like my "perfect for fall" pumpkin dress? I got it at VITA LUNA BOUTIQUE :)
 Guess who caught the bouquet AND garter?!?!
Yep, you guessed it!..
Here's a pic of his oldest sister Amber and her husband Jordan!
Aren't they the cutest couple! We are going to visit them soon and I'm so excited!
Happy Weekend!

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