Monday, October 10, 2011

Tiger Pride

I'm sure everyone got to watch some SEC football this past weekend. I watched some of the Auburn game on Saturday..I was in a house full of Bama fans, so I watched what I could ;) However, I still proudly yell WAR EAGLE after each game. Win or lose. Friday at work, Ashley and I wore our new Auburn flower magnets!! These are SO popular in our area right now. We bought ours this week and showed our "Tiger Pride" in the bank drive-up! Everyone loved them! Of course, some prefered houndstooth.

Excuse the bad hair, it was the end of the day, and i had to pull it in a side pony :)

Ashley's is tiger/zebra print with pawparint fabric and mine is all navy/orange zebra with navy center

 WAR EAGLE! Next weekend will be spent in Auburn :) Maybe I should wear my magnet again!


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  1. Hey there! Do you work in banking? I do. Just wondering because it looks like your in the drive thru section ;)