Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

It's here, It's here! Fall has officially arrived!
Look how PRECIOUS my sweet Chloe-Elizabeth is in her new Fall hairbow :) I bought it at Claybank at a doggie booth :)
 This lady made the cutest hairbows and dresses for pups. I bought Chloe a hand crochet doggie beanie hat and Christmas hairbow! Pics to come later!

 Saturday was a PERFECT example of a fall day here in the south! Saturday morning at Claybank Jamboree I wore a new top from VITA LUNA BOUTIQUE (told ya'll I'm addicted) and some skinny jeans and my boots! Here I am with Erica at Claybank! Ya'll know I love a B&W pic!
...and a color one so you can see the shirt!
At Claybank Momma and I enjoyed some boiled peanuts! That was just the thing I needed to start Fall 2011 off to the right start! We walked around the square about 3 times and saw TONS of friends! It was so nice seeing people we haven't seen in awhile and catching up! We did a lil' shopping too ;)

Happy Fall!


  1. That is the cutest picture of her! I got my dog a Halloween collar with bells! I could of spent a fortune on all of the dog costumes!

    Have a great week. I'd love to have you stop by sometime!

  2. Super cute bow on your pup :)


  3. Love our pictures! Chloe cracks me up!