Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Catch Up

I can't believe the month of May has finally approached us and will soon be behind us! I had my last finals the other week for classes and am done until August! WOO-HOO! The next few months and year is going to be super crazy busy for me but yet SO exciting at the same time! I figured I would do a little Springtime Recap for now.

Meet Andy.
This is the "Prince Charming" prospect I was talking about in my last post :)

Thoughts? He's looks like a keeper doesn't he?

Here's some pics from Easter of the family. Kyle and Rebecca came home!! I was so excited to see them, we had such a wonderful time with them during their visit!

Check back tomorrow for some pictures during my recent VACATION!!! I promise it will be up tomorrow :) It's scheduled so it wont take a month like last time :)

Have a FABULOUS day!