Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last week was my Vacation and OH, IT WAS SO LOVELY! It was very busy and I was going, going, going all week long, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! The first few days I went to the Tampa, Florida area with Andy for his mother's wedding. I was really excited that I was able to meet his mother's side of the family for the very first time!

To start the 6 hour road trip (Our 1st long road trip together), we picked up a MOCHA MADNESS smoothie from Tropical Smoothie and listened to some jams and enjoyed each other's conversations :)
Can you believe I didn't take ANY pictures at the wedding or during the reception? I know, I know, thats awful of me...but here's a pic of Andy and I before heading to dinner (Carrabba's...YUMMY) with his entire Mom's side of the family. I LOVED hanging out with them so much! Andy's cousin's children were absolutely precious and kept us entertained all night!

Great minds think alike! Andy and I dress alike alot, we match often. Notice the 1st pic...both wearing blue t-shirts, and the 2nd pic....both wearing striped shirts.
Sunday, Mother's Day, we treated his Momma out to lunch before heading back home to Alabama. We did take some pics and this one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! This is Andy's little niece Bella. She is so sweet and very artistic! She colored all weekend and even beat Andy and I in a "coloring contest" at Red Lobster :) I did come in 2nd and Andy in last place!
Shopping is a must for both Andy and I! I was born a shopaholic and Andy is in Management and is the shoe buyer for a local outdoor/adventure type store, so a visit to the local mall was needed before heading home.
I FINALLY found a pair of baby blue skinny jeans at Macy's!!! I have been searching for FOREVER for the perfect pair and the brand "Guess" didn't let me down!

I wore them one night at the beach on Vacay which is coming up NEXT...so check back!!


  1. I hope Tampa treated you nicely! I am in St. Pete which is right over the bridge.

  2. Y'all look so cute! Love your outfit!