Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacay Day 5

Waking up and knowing that we would be leaving such a peaceful place was a little sad, but Momma and I weren't leaving without doing a little shopping. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast in Baytowne at Another Broken Egg Cafe'.
We started off with a HUGE Cinnamon Roll appetizer. It was SO yummy!!
We did a little bit of shopping in Baytowne and Momma bought a thumb ring. Now she thinks she's super cool. Apparently she's wanted one for awhile because "everyone has them". I didn't know that..
 This is our view while shopping...gorgeous!!
I bought my first piece of John Medeiros jewelry at CoCo and Company. John used to work for David Yurman, so that's why its looks a little familiar ;)

On our way home we decided to grab some famous donuts from The Donut Hole.

Have a fabulous Day!!! Next up...Atlanta!

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  1. That cinnamon roll looks amazing!

    It seems like you two are having a great time!