Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Prayer Warriors

I need all of you that read my blog to please send up a prayer to the good Lord above for little Ethan. This 6 year old was taken hostage yesterday afternoon after a shooter came on his school bus and killed the bus driver. Many children saw this and I'm sure will have a hard time forgetting this nightmare. The shooter is a 67 year old Vietnam Veteran who was "strange" according to neighbors. He currently has little Ethan in an underground bunker and FBI, homeland security, and police officials from the surrounding counties are all assisting. Little Ethan is an autistic child who needs his medication. Apparently he has received medication since being taken and police are communicating to him through a PVC pipe. This tragic event has happened in the county in which I reside and grew up in. Please pray for all the families, police officials, Dale County school system, and each and every person involved!

Thank you! Please hold your babies a little tighter today! It's awful that so many terrible things are happening to innocent people in today's society. You never think these things will happen so close to home!

If you'd like to read the news story, just click the link below. Let's pray that Ethan will be released soon and unharmed!

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  1. Oh my! This is too sad! I haven't heard about this! I'm a Special Education teacher and this breaks my heart for that little boy!