Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Week 3

Happy Wednesday y'all! But most importantly, I would like to wish my Momma a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today is her special day! Of course in my house we celebrate birthdays all month long ;) Andy and I treated her to yogurt earlier this week to kick start the birthday week!

This past Monday my mom and I had a girls day in Montgomery and I tried on wedding dresses for the FIRST time!!!! It was a fun experience and I did find one dress that I LOVED!! It wasn't as "sweetheart" as I would like though :( I'm sure alterations could tack it or something but since it was the FIRST one I tried on... I think I'll keep looking! There is one particular dress I spotted online but I need to find a bridal boutique that has it in stock. It's only sold in 3 stores in Alabama :(

How was YOUR wedding dress experience? How many dresses did you try on? Etc.. I'd LOVE to know!

Happy Birthday again to the most fabulous person in the whole world! I love you more than all the Diet Cokes in the world ;) I can't wait to celebrate tonight with my sweet momma! The picture below shows a little sneak peek of her birthday decor!

Have a fabulous day!!


  1. So cute! I love to celebrate a good birthday!

  2. Is your Momma a nurse? She looks so friendly and nice!

    =) Brooke