Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Wednesday-Week 1

In 290 days I will say "I do" to my best friend. On October 26, 2013 I will become a "Mrs."! We have been checking things off of our To-Do list's like crazy! Things such as venues, photographer, caterer, florist/decorator, etc! We have a cake tasting in 2 weeks with our cake baker, My sweet tooth is VERY excited about that! I have the cake design picked out just need to figure out the flavors! Mom and I each have an Erin Condren planner to help us stay organized! Nothing is better than an EC planner! I highly recommend one for the new year! Mom has a normal one and mine is the wedding version :)

The Venue:
Our wedding ceremony will take place at my home church and childhood church, Ozark Baptist. Our church has such a big, spacious, and gorgeous sanctuary!

The reception venue (which I've already changed once and lost the deposit...o well!) is at the Fox Ridge Golf Club a few miles from the church! It has been recently renovated and is pretty :) I love the chandeliers that are inside. There is a separate room for the cake, large main room, and a spacious patio overlooking the golf course. A tent will be on the patio and the band will set up out there with the dance floor so we can dance all night long! A neat fact about this venue is that it is kinda sentimental to MY groom! Andy's grandfather owned and managed that golf club in the 90's so growing up Andy made lots of memories there!

My Photographer:

I LOVE my photographer Scott Kennedy! His work is amazing and he is such a fun guy! I love seeing his work in local magazines and just knew that he needed to capture my special day! You can visit his blog page at

Currently Andy and I have been discussing our Honeymoon! We need to book it soon and we are leaning towards St.Lucia as #1 choice and Hawaii as our #2 choice.

Where have y'all traveled to on your honeymoon? What are some pros and cons and also what resort would you or would you not recommend? (im lobing Jade Mountain in St. Lucia!!) Any input from my fabulous blog followers will be appreciated!

Thanks and have a FABULOUS Wednesday!

-Soon to be "Mrs. M"

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  1. I (we) are also getting married in Oct 2013, the 5th. Today was my first Wedding Wednesday post as well. We haven't even started on honeymoon locations, but I have a lot of friends who have gone to St. Lucia via Sandles resorts and loved it.