Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday #4

Before I begin, please continue to pray for little Ethan, the child hostage from previous post. No new info has been released. This situation just hurts my heart! If you would like to follow the story please check . Apparently CNN just got on the scene, so it may be on national news this evening.

*Cake Tasting and Heavy Planning*

Last Friday was a HUGE day full of wedding planning!! It started at 8:30 am and lasted until 4pm!! At 8:30 we met with our precious wedding coordinator at the church to do a run through before we met with our floral designer/decorator at 9:30. We discussed EVERYTHING about the venues including where the floral arrangements would be placed and what they would look like. Also, table decor, entry decor, reserved pews, outside of the church, doors, etc! If was tons of fun and I'm so glad that our fabulous wedding designer is doing everything! Momma and I just tell her what we want and she just does her thing! Since our wedding is taking place in October, this will be a classy-fall themed wedding :) I can't not wait! We also met with the tent and lighting guy at the country club and discussed all things tent, lighting, and dance-floor!

Only 269 more days!!

*Cake Tasting*

Omg! I am going to LOVE how my cake will turn out! I am so excited that we found a local baker who can make wonderful and beautiful cakes! I was wanting to order my cake from Birmingham but with my luck, the cake probably wouldn't make the 4 hour car ride! I am so blessed to have found our baker who is local!! My cake will be a 5-tier cake..of course the monogram will be included! What southern cake doesn't include the monogram somewhere ;) Since the cake is 5 tiers, I've decided on two fabulous and scrumptious flavors that I will reveal after the BIG day! Andy is SO excited about his grooms cake! He designed it and we are all excited to see how the grooms table turns out!

*Bridal Expo*

Momma and I went to a local bridal expo held at the civic center. It was fun tasting foods and watching the fashion show. We also got a surprise for our guests at the wedding! I'll let my fellow bloggers in on the secret! By the picture below can you guess what the surprise is??

Have a fantastic rest of the week!!
- The Future Mrs.

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  1. I just can't understand the hostage situation going on up there. Praying hard!

    It sounds like you guys are taking care of business. Those cakes look delicious!