Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthdays in Heaven

What do you think birthdays in Heaven are like? Have you ever thought about it? Like REALLY just thought about how wonderful special occasions and holidays are spent in Heaven with our master, our creator, and Heavenly Father? What a glorious celebration it must be! No pain, no hurt, no sickness, just wonderful and bright sunny days spent with Him!

Today, my very good and lifelong friend John Andrew turns 23! Andrew, his sister Rebekah, and I grew up right across the street from one another and our families have stayed great friends ever since! Rebekah is actually my Maid of Honor!!! :) Andrew and I are three weeks apart, and he is spending his first birthday in Heaven today. His family could sure use your prayers today and everyday as they are going through the 'year of firsts' without Andrew. Andrew passed away back in October in a motorcycle accident. Andrew was always adventurous and wasn't scared to try anything new!

I also know that he is getting to spend his birthday not only with Jesus but with his grandmother Marilyn, a fabulous celebration is being held for sure!!

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  1. Praying for all of his family and friends. The birthdays in Heaven must be amazing, but I know how hard they are for the people who are left here on Earth.