Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rainbow In A Jar

The weekend is almost here!!

Dress shopping was a success yesterday afternoon! Yay!! I didn't 'order the dress' yet... But I will tomorrow depending on the ship date! Hopefully it can come in the beginning of July so that I can take my bridal portraits the beginning of August! I just loved having all my girls there with me AND the adorable 'baby Rob'! Excuse the HOT MESS in the pic, it was a long day at work ;)

I made a little something for Sj and her husband for St. Patty's Day which is Sunday! I figured I would share this idea I came across incase y'all wanted to make one for family, friends, and/or co-workers! It's super easy!

Rainbow In a Jar:

- Rolo candy
- Skittles, a large bag will work or 2 little boxes
- Marshmallows
- Mason Jar

Have a FABULOUS Day!!

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