Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - The Dress

Good morning and "Happy Weekend" to you! I know this post is a little delayed but it has been such a long week for me! Both mentally, physically, just pure LOOOOONG! But the week is now over with and time for a busy yet FUN-FILLED weekend/week! Just another reminder that God's timing is perfect and he has a plan and purpose for everything!

Last time y'all got to hear me rant and vent about how I couldn't find "the dress", well some of you blog stalkers must've sent some prayers up or something because I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! If you want to hear a funny story...keep reading!! If you don't have 10 minutes to read this long post then go grab some coffee or a Red Bull and come back :)

Here's my "wedding dress" story, because every bride-to-be has one! It is a little lengthy but this is also how I am recording my experience so I have included a few details!

The quest for finding the perfect wedding gown for me starting by taking a trip to Montgomery with Momma to look at the Tony Bowls bridal collection. (Actually it started when i spent 1.5 hours writing an application to be on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, only to hit 'send' and well... it didn't send) So, Montgomery is the nearest retailer and I just knew I wanted a Tony Bowls bridal gown... Well, I found out there that I didn't. However I did find a gorgeous gown that met all of my qualifications. (I can't give away the description of my dress girlies!!!) I'm usually really good at "the first dress I find is the one I buy". Happened every time for Prom, Homecoming, etc. I might have liked this one so much because it was the first I tried on. Well, a few weeks later in Dothan I tried on a couple more at a well known bridal shoppe. One lady just didn't strike my fancy... This 50-something year old needed an attitude adjustment. I did find a dress there that needed some "extra" pizazz and custom work to make it "Lindsay-fied"! But, I decided I wasn't spending money, or my Momma's money, with rude people.

FYI: When I walk into a store and I'm not greeted by a worker or asked if I need help with anything as soon as I walk in.... I don't buy anything. Its different if they are helping another customer but when the store owners and employees spend too much time gossiping and texting when customers walk in and don't say A WORD for like 10 minutes, or my personal fav, they are on computer and look up when the door opens and do a half smile then go back to checking FB, it irritates me. It's just common sense to make your customers feel happy and in an enjoyable y'all agree? Again, if your rude, your not getting my money... I might as well buy online! :)

Back to the story; momma and I then went to another bridal shop and found a perfect dress! The young girls were very helpful and gave their opinions and even called the company the very next morning for shipping info and everything! Very much on their "A-Game"! The only thing about this is that it needed a "more blingin' " bridal belt. Mom was sure this was it and it had everything!!!... Except the belt. However, I could spend $300 for a belt that had to be ordered, but if I didn't like it when it came in then I was stuck with it. I just knew I could have someone custom make one for me :) I knew it was time to call in the bridesmaids and ask their opinion! I met them at the shop one day and they loved it and Erica could tell in my face that I didn't look the way I should when wearing my wedding gown. She pointed it out and it's true... I just wasn't sure!! I was so confused! We left and I thought about it for a few days and Momma and I decided that it was the one. We would be going that Friday afternoon to get the dress, pay our 60% down and order it!

That Friday on my lunch break I had the sudden and bright idea to run to a bridal and formal wear shop that I've gotten dresses from before. I didn't think they still sold bridal gowns, but I looked online for bridal belts and they were a retailer for that brand. I decided to see if they had one in stock and buy it for the dress we all loved and I was about to order in like 5 hours. I walked in and was greeted by the sweetest lady, Mrs. Adrienne. She showed me the belts and I loved them! Just what I was looking for! She asked if I had found my dress, I said yes and that I was about to order it after work. She asked if I had time to try on a dress that they had just gotten in the day before and that no one had tried it on yet, she wanted to see what it looked like on a body not a hanger. It was pretty but very different than what I'd tried on before.. You know, little weird lookin' on the hanger. But I was happy to do it for that sweet lady!

YA'LL, I ABOUT FELL OUT! It was PERFECT! I had finally felt that "feeling" you get when you find "the one"! The same feeling I got on Andy and I's first date when I knew HE was "the one"! This was the dress for me!! But then I felt like I was going to vomit... What in the world was I going to tell my sweet Momma!! I just knew she was going to be a little upset, I knew how much she loved the other dress and I had a feeling she wouldn't like this dress as much because it's totally not like the other one, the top half at least. I had to call her... That was tough.

Here's a summary of the conversation:

Me-hey momma, whatcha doin?
Mom- nothing just sitting here with Chloe in my lap, what did you do at lunch
Me-well... If you should ask..I went to "store name here" and looked at belts, they had one I liked.
Mom- am I still meeting you at 5 to buy the dress
Me- actually, about that.. This lady made me try on a dress and its so different, I'd actually like your opinion about it.
Mom- you did WHAT? Lindsay why did you try on a dress, the other is perfect!
Me- I didn't say I liked this dress... I just want you to see it on. Meet me here at 5 and tell me you don't like this 'new' dress and then we will go buy the other one
Mom-fine Lindsay

Hahaha! I knew that's how she would react!! I can't believe y'all are still hangin' on reading this story! Promise it's almost over!!

Mom met me there at 5pm after work and Mrs. Adrienne wouldn't show her the dress. Smart lady! I walked in and tried on the dress. I was so nervous momma would hate it! I walked out and Momma CRIED!!! Y'all, tears came Rollin down! She even jumped up and down pointing at me saying "OMG, Lindsay THAT'S IT!!!" She didn't shed a single tear on the other dress! I was so happy and relieved that she loved it! So, right there I ended up saying "YES!" To the dress!

I truly believe God was watching over me in this situation and just so happened to send sweet Mrs. Adrienne in my path! I can't wait for her to help me during this important and exciting time in my life!

Happy weekend my wonderful bloggers and blog stalkers! I'm now off to look for my bridal shoes and veil!

-The future Mrs.


  1. This is precious! I am so glad that you found "the one!" :)

  2. Congratulations!! I remember finding mine and thinking I "HAD" to have the first one I had found, but I'm so glad I went with the one that felt "right"!