Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Craftiness and Shopping

Happy Tuesday! I have had quite an eventful weekend! It's had its ups and downs but it's getting better. I can always feel better when I get to swipe my card and go shopping :) How many of you girls do that? Call me crazy, but I honestly believe in retail therapy! If your having a bad day, I think you should buy yourself a little something to feel better! If it's a candy bar you haven't had in a while, new pair of shoes, cute dress, jewelry, new bottle of finger nail polish or ANYTHING...after you purchase something that makes you smile..it makes you happy!

Well, I've done some shopping today :)...Some much needed Retail Therapy.

First off, I bought a super cute dress off LuLu's.com. It was $33.00 and I scored 15% off :)
This is the navy "Sweetest Thing" Dress. I love the flowers on the side, there's even a little rhinestone on each flower :) I love bling!

I went to work today and we got in the CUTEST Train Cases! Perfect Graduation gift, birthday gift, Bridesmaid gift, and for only $18.99!! I love how it has clear plastic over the brightly colored paisley fabric! So cute!
*Sorry that this is NOT the best pic, but it's better than the one I took with my camera :)*
The train case that I bought is the one on the left with the handle :)

After work, I had to return something at TJMaxx and got some store credit and found the perfect thing to display all my earrings! For ONLY $12.99 :) SCORE!
One thing I HAD to get to relieve some stress is.... DIET COKE :)
A friend of mine had a sweet little baby girl this morning. I went and bought a few little items for her sweet new baby. All newborns need little mittens so they don't cut their face and a super cute rattle!!
I have been working on making a little something for her with a monogram of course! So I came up with a hairbow holder!! I bought some little hairbows too for when she gets older! What do you girls think? The monogram is topped with some glitter for some added "GLITZ"!
Have a FABULOUS day!


  1. If you ever want to make me really happy miss southern cinderella...just pack up those adorable cases and please do send them to me!
    Oh they are cute!!!!!
    And I am with you on some shopping therapy!

  2. i'm crazy with the retail therapy too - and you're making me want to head over to lulu's right now...sigh...

  3. TJMaxx....got to get down there and use my gift card from Christmas....oh yeah~ shopping is nice!

  4. I love that dress. I need to check out that site!

  5. Love your new loot girl! That dress is fabulous! xoxo

  6. Can I just say that I was recently introduced to LULU's and I can't wait to make my first purchase! They have the cutest stuff!

    I've been so preoccupied with Forever21 that I've been completely blind to other clothing sites!

    Yeyy us and Retail Therapy!

  7. Gotta love retail therapy! I love the hairbow holder, super cute. Can you believe my hubby tried to convince me to give up DC for Lent? I just laughed in his face, haha!

  8. Just came across your blog- its ADORBS! I'm with you on the retail therapy no doubt about it. I went to the mall yesterday for a Mac class and just being amidst some of my favorite stores just made me happy. :) And great find at TJMaxx!

  9. Cute, Cute, Cute! *sigh* I love shopping.

  10. That dress is just adorable! I super heart Lulu's!

  11. Cute blog!! I love the hairbow holder..how creative!!!