Saturday, February 13, 2010


That's right! On Friday, Alabama and northern Florida had a SNOW DAY!! Schools were canceled, roads and businesses were closed. Everytime Conner Vernon (our weatherman) says theres snow in the forecast..there's not..but good ol' Connor was right this time! There was 4 1/2-5 inches at my house!! I live 35 minutes from the Alabama-Florida line..north Florida recieved some snow too!

The following pics were taken in the early morning...after I took these pics, we recieved 4 more inches!!
This is the first snowman I made on top of the outside trash can. He's a 'mini'.

The 'Mali' says it all! It was her first snow. It hasn't snowed in Alabama (where it sticks to the ground) since 1993..and she's a 99' :)

Here's 2 more 'mini's' I made on the car. I tried to stick Sixlet's candies on as eyes, nose, and mouth...but they didn't stick..but the color stayed!
Look at the lovely purse!! Complete with pink striped handle :)Chloe HATED the snow..until I layed on the ground to make a snow angel..she was scared something was wrong when I got on the she started running to me and then just kept running around in the snow!! One thing Chloe ended up LOVING about the snow, is the fact that when I made a snowball and tossed it...she would run after it..SO CUTE!Long story short..My ex..Jereme..he lives on the next street over..we are still friends..he bought me Chloe for Christmas 3 years ago. Anywho, he came over for some fun with Chloe and I.
We made a "snowgirl". I thought she turned out cute! Even with her 3-muskateer eyes, circus peanut nose, stick arms, and pretty scarf :)

Here's a better snow angel once more snow fell :)
After playing in some snow, Mom and I went a little North to visit my grandparents for some grilled cheese and homemade vegetable soup :) After we ate, my Me-Maw did some sewing and my Paw-Paw cleaned the dishes :)

And I thought the only snow Alabama had was cotton!!

Have a great Valentine's Weekend!



  1. Awesome pictures!! That is crazy that y'all got that much snow!!

    We only got some flurries here in Tallahassee, but out by my work there was a little bit that stuck to the ground! It's so weird that it snowed in FLORIDA! haha.

    Looks like you enjoyed the snow! :)

  2. Such cute pictures!! I love the family pictures! I cannot believe all of the states that has snow right now!

    This is the most snow that we have had in Kentucky in a very long time. We're suppose to be getting more tonight and tomorrow! I'm kind loving it!

  3. haha your fam is too cute, and so is your puppy! glad you got some snow!

  4. the snow was crazy huh? out here in texas in my neck of the woods (denton area) we had 8" of snow! the kids had thurs and friday off! they were soooo excited. the boys made a snowman and then later we went to look at him...someone walked off w/his head and middle section? what???? go build ur own!
    ur snowgirl was cute!

  5. Snow fun!! hahaha Looks like everyone had loads of winter fun....It was beautiful!!