Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Much Needed Weekend!

Today is Thursday!! That means no more school for me until Monday!! My college only has classes Monday-Thursday :) Friday I work all day from 9:45-6:15. We will be SO busy at work finishing putting out Mahlon Grace jewelry and Sorrelli jewelry. OVER 400 pieces of Sorrelli will come in!! That's a lot to put in the computer, priced, tagged, and in the beautiful cases :) Here is what Mahlon Grace jewelry looks like. I am borrowing this pic from Amie at Hissyfits. Isn't this handcrafted, lifetime guarentee jewelry FABULOUS!!! The necklaces start at ONLY $76.99!!!
Guess what? One of my best guy friends Nick graduated from Marine school today in North Carolina!(He has been there for 4 months) He is going to be stationed in California for 3 years. I am quite sad about this and will miss him so much! We've always been able to see each other whenever we wanted too! We've had classes together, same friends, everything! It's going to be weird. This past summer when he went to basic, we wrote letters back and forth for 4 months religiously! I have a HUGE stack of special letters from him! Well, GUESS WHAT!! He was supposed to leave today for California after graduation, and he called and he is COMING HOME for 10 days!! I'm super excited! He gets in late tonight! I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving!!

Tomorrow night we are going to see DEAR JOHN!! I'm so excited! I think about him everytime I see the preview!
Here's some pics of Nick and I!

Here we are this past March 2009 at the beach during Spring Break :)
Here we are one night with my BFF Courtney!!
Here's the most recent picture of Nick on New Year's Eve in NYC. He sent this to me! I am so jealous he got to see the ball drop!
Have a great Last Weekday everyone!!
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  1. Gorgeous jewelery!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend hanging out with Nick!!! XOXO

  2. Nick...he's a cutie! Have fun with him. If he survived the Marine Boot Camp he will be able to survive anything!!! Bless his heart!

    Me and my best girlies are going to see Dear John tonight too! Yay! Hope to see you there!

  3. Congrats to the new Marine, Oorah! I'm glad you get to see him before he heads out west :)

    That jewelry is REALLY pretty. I do need some new jewelry in my collection..... haha

  4. congrats to him! is he enlisted or an officer?

  5. Sweet jewels!

    How was "Dear John" ... I've been thinking about going to see it.