Friday, August 20, 2010


I just love decorating front doors! How about you? Whether it's a personalized letter, cute wreath, or seasonal banner, the front door of a home always says alot about the homeowner. These banners have come in today at HISSYFITS BOUTIQUE and they are ALL UNDER $50!!! They are backed with felt and a painted canvas banner. Some have detailed edges like pompoms and feathers. I am highly thinking about purchasing this one for momma!

This pumpkin with feathers and zebra is a MUST HAVE!

This cute pumpkin can be personalized with a single inital and these two are PUFFY, which adds some character!

How precious are these for CHRISTMAS 2010!!!

Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! I have had a great Friday and have a great weekend lined up as well! Nothing better than a great last weekend before school starts!