Friday, August 13, 2010

Blind Date Details

I'm sorry I left ya'll hanging yesterday about the blind date! So, here's the scoop..

R=the guy
Scott=Amie's husband
Amie=my boss

1. My boss and her husband are the "matchmakers" I guess you could say. They are the ones who "set us up". Scott works with R's mom and they got to talking about me and also her son...they thought we should meet and go on a date. So, after a few weeks of Facebooking, texting, and 2 phone calls, we decided picked last night to go on our date.

2.Here's the scoop on R. He just graduated from a Auburn University in building science/architecure stuff. lol. He has moved back home and received a job right after graduation and works for a local building company as a supervisor. War Eagle!

3. Here's how the night went. R picked me up after work and we ate at a favorite..LaParilla Mexican. The food was really yummy and the conversations kept flowing.
After dinner, we went to go see "The Other Guys". It was such a funny movie! We shared some laughs and overall had a great time! We called it a night after the movie, we both had to go into work this morning early.

4. R was a real gentleman and made sure to open all doors for me and help me in his truck. It was a fun night and I'm sure we will do it again soon! I wore a new outift from Express :) That will be in another post!

Happy FRIDAY!! I will be enjoying a dinner reception for a friend tonight and also hanging out with some more friends after that!! Thank goodness the weekend is here!


  1. SOunds like Mr. R was charming and you both had a good time! I want to see The Other Guys!!

  2. It sounds like R was wonderful! I think it not being a complete blind date was helpful since you all had talked a little bit before! Can't wait t see how this plays out!

  3. YAY!!! Sometimes blind dates are horrible but it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! XOXO

  4. Yay!!! I am glad you had fun on your date!!! So, is he cute?????

  5. Marry husbands go, Auburn men are the best!

  6. awee. :) sounds like you had a great blind date - those are rare! ;) he sounds like a great guy! hope it works out :)

  7. Glad y'all had a good time! We saw The Other Guys last weekend and thought it was so funny! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend :)