Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Have any of you had cravings for certain foods or drinks? The cravings last about 2-3 weeks and then it's off to another craving? I thought I would share mine with you. My craving for the past few weeks has been either...

1. White Chocolate Mocha Frappe from Starbuck's

2. Mocha Frappe from McDonald's

So DELICIOUS!!! I love the slight coffee taste with cold mini ice pieces!!Yummy!

Speaking of Starbucks..Katie from Katie's Journey is having a GIVEAWAY! A $25 gift card to Chili's or Starbuck's, guess which one I would choose :) Please go visit her and her new teaching blog!

What's your craving of the week?



  1. I've been craving chai latte's and

  2. Yum! Frappuccino's are my favorite!

  3. i do this all the time... i crave it for awhile and then after that I HATE it and don't want it anymore.