Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Aubrey!

These are some pics of sweet Aubrey, my 3 year old cousin who stayed with us this past weekend. Aubrey is such a smart little girl! Or should I say medium girl!

*Momma told Aubrey that Chloe wasn't used to little people and to be sweet when petting her. Aubrey quickly responded with. "I'm NOT little, I'm Medium. Mommy and Daddy are large, and baby Jocelyn is small." *

Aubrey and I played with puzzles, bubbles, putting Chloe's toys near her numerous times, playing flashlight games with Kyle's dogs, and much more! She sang songs, counted in spanish, and played dice too!

Here's sweet Aubrey with her Mommy and sweet baby Jocelyn. Aubrey's daddy couldn't make the trip, he had to work :(

Isn't she a cutie?

Have a FAB day!


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