Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Right Hand Rings

Do any of you have a right hand ring? If so, which style do you have? Did you buy it for yourself or was it a gift? I am just going crazy if I don't have one soon! I have wanted one for the past couple of months. The style I want is a wide band with many stones :) The one pictured below is on my fabulous hand (sorry its a little swollen) and we sold these at work..but my size sold out!! I am HIGHLY thinking of ordering this one again. The company of this ring is the same designer that makes the jewelry for The Housewives of New Jersey and New York! ONLY $88

Here are some I have found online that are pretty too :)

The one above is from Zales..LOVE IT as well, AND IT IS $219.99

Have a great weekend!



  1. beautiful rings! I have a right hand ring, it is one of my mom's - she handed it down to me! :) I love it to death.

  2. I have a Tacori right hand ring and I love it. It looks similar to the first one. My Dad bought it for me instead of a high school class ring

  3. ohhhh i adore the 3rd picture...(the one that look like the flowers are cut out!)

    i'm lucky if i remember to wear my wedding band. i take it off at night b/c my hands swell now that i'm preg. i can't wait for fall/winter. my hands always shrink and i'm hoping that will be the case now even though i'm due in end jan early feb. rings make me feel girly! i love being a girl!!!!!

  4. I wear a "right hand ring", I guess you could call it. I love it! I bought it myself. :) It's white gold with a big pearl in the center, and small diamonds on either side of the pearl. Writing that out makes it sound crazy expensive, but it really wasn't!! I bought it at the pearl market in China, so it wasn't bad at all. :)