Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Feels Good to GIVE!!

December is such a great month to realize how fortunate we are. Many people in the world and even in our own hometowns aren't able to have a nice Christmas, some don't even have a Christmas at all. It's sad to think that this is mainly the ONLY time of the year that we think about the people who are less fortunate than we are. We should think about the less fortunate ALL year long!

This December I have done some things that have put a smile on my face and helped say a prayer to God for all the things in life I have to be thankful for. The gift of GIVING is such a powerful thing, not only to the receiver, but also the giver :)

This December I have made a shoe-box for a lucky little girl with Operation Christmas Child. The shoe-box I packed is her Christmas. The shoe-box I packed for her is probably the ONLY gift she will recieve this year. The only toothbrush, the only pair of socks, and the only hairbrush all year..
I have also donated to Toys For Tots :) Have you had that warm and fuzzy feeling inside from giving to someone in need?
Have a great day and take some time to be thankful for what God has given you!! :)

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  1. couldn't agree more- something about Christmastime suddenly makes everyone aware of how fortunate they are, and also that there are people who don't have the things we are blessed with! But we should be willing to help out and give our time, money etc all year! Maybe that would be a good new years resolution for me?
    I also did an Operation Christmas Child box! I can't wait to find out what country it went to!