Monday, December 27, 2010

Kyle's Graduation

My family and I drove down to Mobile a couple weeks ago to watch my brother graduate from the University of South Alabama. We spent the weekend in Mobile and it was a nice little getaway and a nice time spent with family :) Chloe loved seeing and playing with her doggy aunt and uncle too! We had breakfast and ordered the cake from a local Mobile bakery. Take a look at all the Christmas goodies!! Here is the nice lady giving us a free apple pie. Thats right! A free pie. We got there to pick up the cake and it didn't quite look right...
Notice the smudge? and the written out/numbered numbers? CRAZY!!!

Here's the fabulous Santa cookie I had for breakfast :) He sure was yummy!


Here's Rebecca and I during the ceremony :)

After graduation ceremonies we went to "A Spot Of Tea" in downtown Mobile for dinner and then back home for the right cake. It still wasn't perfect, but it worked!

Christmas pics coming up soon!

Have a FABULOUS day!


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