Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday School Christmas Party

This past week was my Sunday School Christmas Party!! Our Sunday school teachers were so sweet and held our party at their beautiful newly built home :)
We had Simple Simon's Pizza (they own the 2 new Dothan locations :)) and lots of snacks and desserts. We started off with Dirty Santa after eating dinner. I brought a Barnes and Noble gift card and some candy, it was popular and got stolen the maximum amount of times :)

Marissa picked it first and then Nick stole it from her, and Lorilyn ended up with the B&N :)
Marissa ended up with this HILLARIOUS laughing monkey. Baby Court enjoyed it though and then got a little scared, poor thing. This monkey did get annoying after awhile.
I won Apples To Apples To Go and it's SO MUCH FUN!!! I highly recommend this game :) We have played it ALL weekend at my house! I wouldn't mind having the real large version or the Disney one! I was a little mean and "stole" it from Josh!
Sweet Cort was playing with his cool toys while we were having Dirty Santa :) Look how precious!
Look at Jaime's gift wrapped in sales papers!! It was a gift card taped to the bottom of a box :)
Look at Jaime saying "WOW". Apparently people say "Wow" like this, but I have never seen it and thought it was funny. Thanks Jaime for posing the "WOW" for the blog :) **That is sparkling white grape juice beside her :)** Peach flavored too!
After Cort went to bed we all played Guesstures!! Here's some pics to explain how it went :)
I was the "wind" in the pic above!! The boys won but only by like 2 points ;)
A special "Elf on the Shelf" came to visit Court and the boys were so interested in him, we gave lots of ideas to Jaime and Neil as to where they could help the Elf "hide" and stuff. We even caught the Elf riding the remote control car!!
*More Christmas pics to come later!!*
Today is my last day at Hissyfits Boutique, I have been working there for over 3 years and it is time for me to move on in life. I start a new big girl job next Monday at a bank as a drive-thru teller :) I am really excited about this oppertunity!! I will miss all the fabulous customers I have met throughout the years and all the girls I work with at Hissyfits, but I will visit them often!!
Have a Fabulous day!!


  1. I love playing Dirty Santa!!

    Good luck at your new job!

  2. haha dirty santa...i want in on that!

    ohhh sorry about ur last day...sniff sniff...
    but congrats on the new job! can't wait to hear all about how many ppl hit on you..i mean all about ur new co workers...haha

  3. apples to apples is the best! and i love your skirt - too cute!

  4. A couple of things:

    1. you are beautiful!

    2. your blog is adorable and I look forward to reading more!

    3. have fun with your "big girl" job! :)

  5. Oh! And I LOVE your blog name! :)

  6. We will miss you so much and wish you well:) We will miss seeing your smiling face and hearing all your funny stories:((( Come see us for your Sorrelli fix:) Amie (your old boss)

  7. How fun! I love your skirt! Good luck with your new job!