Monday, March 28, 2011

71 Years Worth Celebrating!

Today is my Me-Maw's 71st birthday! Happy Birthday Me-Maw! Yesterday Momma and I went to my grandparents house to "decorate" for her birthday lunch. My uncle grilled some YUMMY ribeye steaks and we also had baked potatoes, bread, and salad. Here's some pics from yesterday, starting with this FABULOUS pic of my Momma and Me-Maw!

 So excited to see us as they came in from church! When they walked in, dinner was already cooked and ready to be eaten :)
 Here I am putting up some streamers!!! Me-Maw was so shocked and loved everything! Her favorite decorations were the balloons tied on the mailbox!

You've got to have some monogram on the presents! I just used my cricut machine to cut out her monogram on cardstock. I used photo splits to attach them to the wrapping paper!
 How "Dog-Gone" cute is this doggy planter?!?!
Baked Potato Bar

 My uncle Chad is an AWESOME grill-master! We always enjoy family get togethers because he always grills something good! His seasoning techniques are wonderfully, we never have to use a steak sauce!

 Momma made her famous Butter-Pecan Cake for Me-Maw. It is HEAVENLY and O-SO-FABULOUS!

 A soft and VERY comfy lavender waffle-weave robe with off-white monogram!

 My Me-Maw has loved the mirrored car tag I ordered off on ever since I bought mine, so I just knew she had to have a monogrammed one too! It matches her car so well! She was so excited to get some monogrammed things :)
A fun afternoon was had by all and we had a great time celebrating Me-Maw's 71st Birthday!
Kyle and Rebecca, we missed ya'll and we can't wait to see you again in October!!

Have A GREAT week!


  1. ohhh happy bday me-maw! loved the license plate

  2. happy bday to me-maw! sounds like a wonderful celebration!

  3. This is adorable! Happy Birthday to your Me-Maw!


  4. Happy Birthday to Me-Maw! The baked potato bar looks so YUMMY!

  5. What a touching post! Be thankful your Me-Maw is still around and cherish memories like these they are priceless!

  6. hey is me maw older than paw paw...go paw paw! haha