Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Ketchup" Game.

Like the post title? In case your wondering, this has nothing to do with mustard's best friend. I have been quite distant from blogging for awhile because things have been so busy with me lately. Am I complaining? Heck to the NO! I love being a busy little beaver! I love making plans and having a plan. I love knowing that I have somewhere to be and things to do with the people I love and care about. I thought I would let ya'll CATCH-UP on what's being going on with me for the past few weeks! Also, it would help me if I jotted it down so I could remember for myself!

*I have attended 3 weddings in 3 weeks and been on NUMEROUS lunch and dinner dates with friends and family. I have neglected to take pictures because I have yet to buy my new camera. Speaking of the new camera, my momma loves me SO much that she gave me some good ol' green moo-lah for the Canon Rebel XSI for my birthday. Well, I can't find it ANYWHERE!! Only the model before, the XS. I have been everywhere the Canon people said they sell it. I wondered why I couldn't buy the XSI on the Canon website, but I could the XS...well, I put my big-girl panties on and sent a little e-mail on how determined I was to FIND this camera. They responded fairly quickly, I give them good stars for that, but the news wasn't what I wanted to hear. The Canon Rebel XSI is NOT MANUFACTURED anymore...insert HUGE sad face here. If I find one, it will be one of the last ones left. Imagine how upset I was to hear this...I MEAN IF YOUR GOING TO ADVERTISE THE CAMERA ON YOUR WEBSITE AND NOT MANUFACTURE IT ANYMORE....THEN TAKE IT OFF THE WEBSITE OR SOMETHING!!! Whew! Thanks for the vent :) They did however tell me that they have come out with a new model to replace the is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 for $599 OR T3I for $899.

Hopefully I will have my new camera next week and I will be able to use this super fabulous camera strap my mommy got me from HERE!

If you are looking for a camera strap please visit Cotton Candy by Natalie on Etsy!

Wow o Wow! I got off topic! I was talking about lunch dates and dinner dates. Here they are, again no pics, see above for reasoning :)

1. Lunch Date at Red Elephant with a high school friend Andrew. Andrew is such a dear friend to me and recently proposed to his girlfriend Faith! I am beyond thrilled for the two of them and the journey they are about to begin together! They both met at college in Kentucky and the rest is history! Andrew is going to be a preacher-man, he will make a great one! As a little "engagement" type gift, I took Andrew this gift.

2. My Aunt Rhonda Nonnie came into town to visit with us this week and we had such a great time! When my Aunt Nonnie, Momma, and I get together, we sure know how to have fun! We did some shopping, lots of talking, and went and ate at Longhorn Steakhouse. For your 411, Longhorn has very good Berry Sangrias! Mom enjoyed her Pomegranate Margarita too!

3. Momma surprised me one day and took me out to eat for lunch! I just love surprises!

4. My bff Rebekah and I have decided that once twice a week it is GIRLS NIGHT! Lots of girl talk, recalling old memories, chips and salsa, and some Strawberry Daiquiris! It sure is nice to know that I have that friend I can tell everything to! Do you have a friend like that?

Rebekah is on the top row in white and I am below her in white. We were at a church tea party :)


5. Momma and I went on a dinner date with my friend Marc who was passing through down to the beach to Spring Break! It was nice catching up with him! Mom and Marc just love each other! We enjoyed some La Parilla mexican food, I just love mexican food!
6. A VERY sweet and special man came throught the bank drive-up to see me this past week! A sweet man who used to come see us at Hissyfits when I worked there came to see me!!! I miss seeing his smiling face and getting his warm hugs! I was SO excited he stopped by to see me, he made my entire week! He even brought gave me a piece of candy like he always does :)
*Thanks to a weekly favorite magazine introduced to me by my gal Ashley who works with me at the bank, I now have a secret obsession every week to read the following...

Woman's World has lots of interesting things in it! For instance, Did you know cinnamon helps get rid of belly fat?? Who knew? So, now I take Cinnamon pills! I have always been such a sweet eater, but by taking these cinnamon pills with a meal it helps me not crave sweets as much, actually, I haven't craved one in a long while! I love it because I LOVE food and I get to eat what I want, I recommend it! This is something to do if you wnat to lose inches of your belly! Try it out!

Just take 500mg at breakfast, 1000mg at lunch, and 500mg at dinner! It's only like $6 for 100 ct. bottle at CVS!

I'm off to eat some lunch, clean out the car, go grocery shopping, etc. Have a FABULOUS rest of the weekend and a GREAT week! Hopefully, I won't get in the "non-blogging zone" again!!


  1. I have never heard of taking cinnamon tablets!!

  2. Just found your blog and I'm so glad I found that book that was featured in the movie Fire Proof. I watched it one day while at the gym and wanted to try to find the book. So glad!! Thanks! Great blog!

  3. Very interesting about the cinnamon! I'll definitely give it a try! With being only weeks away from my wedding day, what could it hurt! Thanks!