Friday, March 4, 2011


Today is the BEGINNING of my 21st birthday weekend!!!!
I came home after work to find this on one of my dressers!

Inside was this....

A certificate to get "tips" on my nails and a french mani!! I plan on going Saturday morning before a wedding I'm attending!

If you'd like your own Surprise Cupcake you can find them HERE! I found mine at TJMaxx though :)

My mom decided to decorate my Birthday table today, so I could look at it until Sunday :) Sorry for the awful phone pics :(

Have a great weekend!!


*Thanks Momma for being the BEST Momma EVER!!!! Love ya'!


  1. How sweet of your mama!! I love the decorations!! Happy 21st birthday weekend!! :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend is in store for you... happy 21st!

  3. Happy 21st sweetie! Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!