Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Summer Read

Now that I have our Save the Dates all mailed out, I have time to read a book or two this summer :) hopefully! Between all the other wedding details, we shall see! 

I'm so excited to read this book by BooMama! Do any of you read her blog? 
Anyone a 'shop kicker'? If not, you might wanna jump on that bandwagon! I've earned over $50 in gift cards to places of my choice! Of course I always tend to pick Target :) And it's a free app! You get 'kicks' for purchases, walk-ins, and scans! It super fun! It reminds me a lot of the show supermarket sweep!! Please tell me someone remembers that show! they also have 'look books' that show new items in stores and stuff. While looking through the one for Lifeway, I came across this book that sounds pretty fabulous and I'm sure it's a must-read!
My all time favorite author is Sophie Kinsella! Love, loveLOVE her! She has a new book out too! It's too perfect for me I think, especially since there's a certain wedding coming up and all ;) AND its 30% off!

What are some of your summer reads? I'd love to know!

Have a great day!!

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