Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

It's hump day!!! Halfway through the work week :) My sweet fiancé had 3 wisdom teeth taken out yesterday! He looked like a cute Alvin the chipmunk! The swelling has gone down tremendously and he has been inhaling SnackPak puddings and Minute Maid frozen yogurt :) Andy had gone through this before like a decade ago when he only had one taken out in the Marines (semper-fi!) Prayers would be appreciated for a speedy recover and hopes that he can eat real food again soon....he's like the Hulk when he can't eat. I joke ;) Speaking of superheroes, have any of y'all seen the new Superman: Man of Steel? It's SO good! You should go see it! 

Y'all....I'm getting MARRIED in 129 days!!!! Eeek! Momma and I have been busy planning and getting little things ready here and there! (Back to Andy and his teeth.. Yesterday when the nurses were talking to him about our upcoming wedding his blood pressure started rising... Then they quit talking about it and it came back down! Guess it stressed guys out also!) 

We have blocked some rooms at a local hotel close to the wedding and reception venues for our many out of town guests. The hotel agreed that we could put up a sign to welcome guests. Isn't that fabulous?!?! Here it is! Momma picked it up yesterday!  We will place it in the lobby on an easel :) We are currently working on the welcome bags for hotel guests :) I'm excited about those! 

Here's the sign!
In person

Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek of Logan's newborn pics and next Wednesday for Wedding Wednesday!

Have a fabulous day!