Sunday, November 6, 2011

Va-Cay Day 2: continued..

After an AMAZING morning at the Hershey Spa, Momma and I decided to meet back up with my dad. My dad had spent the day with one of his frat brothers from college. Mom and I found the two guys in downtown Hershey at a local bar and grill. We just HAD to have a chocolate martini in this "sweet chocolatey" town :)

We left the guys once again and Mom and I went to Chocolate World to buy some fresh Hershey chocolate and goodies/presents to bring back home :)

Notice the Hershey Kiss streetlights?

We met back up with the guys and went to Hershey Story, a little museum about the hisory of Hershey Company :)

How Hershey Kisses are made! 
I LOVE THIS CHANDELIER!! It was so pretty! And Milton Hershey only paid $5,000 for it!

After looking at the museum we had quite an appetite. Dad's friend Andy picked out the perfect place and joined us for dinner at the Hershey Pantry! This cute little restaurant tucked away downtown had some of the best food! The portions were HUGE too!

After dinner we went back to our hotel and ate some delicious mini cupcakes from a cupcake shop inside Hotel Hershey we had bought earlier that day!
 Smore's, Carrot Cake, and two Chocolate and Peanut Butter! These were super yummy!
Keep checking for more pics!! Up next, Amish store and scenery!


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