Monday, November 7, 2011

Va-Cay Day 3

On Friday, Day 3 of our recent Va-Cay to Pennsylvania, we left Hershey and headed through the gorgeous mountains to Morrison's Cove, Roaring Spring Pennsylvania.

 I love this picture! Such a gorgeous scene!
We met up with my grandparents and went to Fisher's Country Store. A minnenite store where everything is packaged in clear tubs and bags and you pay the price per pound. Fisher's has the freshest meat and cheeses too! We LOVE going to get a pound or so of Sweet Lebanon Bologna and Cheese. I remember when I was a kid we used to go to Fisher's half the time during our trips and eat rolled up bologna and cheese for lunch in the car :) That is exactly what we did while driving around looking at the beautiful fall colored trees and scenery :)

 Look at ALL these pretty sprinkles!! You better believe I brought some pretty colors back home with me :) I even bought some pretty pearl sprinkles to make Christmas snowflake cookies :)
This Monkey Munch is so good!!
 More baking stuff.. Every color melting chocolate!
 Hot Chocolate and coffee creamers
This is a cell phone pic, sorry its blurry! This is me in the backseat eating my lebanon bologna and cheese :)
We ate these Mini Whoopie Pies on our drive for dessert!
Check back later to see where we went on our drive :)

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