Sunday, November 20, 2011

Va-Cay:Wedding Randoms

Enjoy the following wedding random shots I took in between the wedding and reception.

I just love this picture of sweet Abigail! 
 Here's the groom's truck all decorated my the groomsmen. It's a new truck, so just car chalk was allowed :)

 Here's a pic of my parents and I with my dad's parents.
 I just love the pearls in the roses, don't you? This was taken in the 'party bus'/wedding shuttle that took everyone from the hotel to the reception venue and back to the hotel at the end of the night...or early morning
On the bus, we had some homemade apple-cider moonshine made by this groomsman named was really good though!

 You can tell it was a community Mason jar!

Have a great week,

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  1. I love the mason jar! lol Those are a staple at my house! (I can fit 3 cups of water in that thing! Why should I use a 12oz glass?)