Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Va-Cay Day 2- Hershey Spa at Hotel Hershey

On Thursday October 20, momma and I had an experience of a lifetime at the Hotel Hershey Spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania.We arrived at the Hotel Hershey 45 minutes before our spa appointments began and we walked around, took some pics, and got signed in :)

We walked into the spa...checked in and ran over our itenerary with our hostess.
Date of Service:Thursday, October 20, 2011
Service(s) Reserved: 10:30 AM Spa Rain Shower
                                          10:45 AM Milk & Honey Soak
                                                        11:30 AM Cocoa Massage - 50 minute
                           12:30 PM Oasis Lunch
Mom and I put on our AMAZING robes and slippers after being given our lockers for personal belongings. I have never put on a robe so comfy as the wonderful yellow one at Hershey! I plan on ordering one soon :)

Totally don't know what's going on with my head being all weird tilted like that..o well!
*Spa Rain Shower*
This was a neat experience..I had to wear a swimsuit and this laday came in who was super sweet and she hosed me down on my back with a pressure felt really good on my back! My arms kind of flapped around a little bit though! Hahaha! My personal hostess lady, can't remember her name, was so nice! She told me I was the "princess" for the day and could use up all the towels if i wanted and to just throw them on the picking up after myself at the spa :) I really want this pretty mosaic shower with 14 shower heads in my bathroom :(
*Milk and Honey Soak*
This was the BEST and most AMAZING 15 minute bath I've had in my entire life! My personal hostess lady had the water temperature set to my likings before I entered the tub. Once I was in and relaxed she came in and turned the jets on. My sweet hostess had some fresh lemon water and hershey kisses waiting for me. I had 6 minutes left in my bath and ran out of kisses...luckily my hostess brought me another handful :)
*Cocoa Massage*
OMG! I have never had a profesisonal massage before in my life and I am pretty POSITIVE that I had one of the best massages' in the country at Hershey Spa. Thanks to Nathan, the guy who gave me my wonderful sweet smellin' cocoa massage! I have never felt more relaxed! I almost fell asleep it felt so good! The bed was even heated :) No pics of the cocoa massage.

*Oasis Lunch*
Lunch was fabulous! We were able to go to a special section down on the Oasis floor that was JUST for the spa! We were able to enjoy lunch all relaxful in our robes :) Lunch was a HUGE spread full of chicken salad wraps, tuna wraps, bruschetta and bread, artichoke and parmesan stuffed pork tenerloin (so yummy!!), pasta salad, regular salad, rolls, various veggies and dips too! Desserts...omg, the cutest little cupcakes with 3/4 icing, mini pecan tarts, mini cheesecakes, mini chocolate pies, and like 2 other fabulous treats along with different juices and coffee :) Water was served in huge glass bottles and placed on the center of our table near the window that looked out over the lawn.
On the particular day we went, the hotel was celebrating Breast Cancer awareness month and had special vendors from the Hershey Medical Center, make-up companies, and skin care companies at The Oasis available to answer any questions we might have. On the way home from our trip I got a phone call saying I won a prize's in the mail and I'll get it soon! Wonder what it is ;)
In-between treatments Mom and I were able to relax in 1 of the 3 relaxation rooms :) Our favorite one was the "library" complete with magazines, chairs on the balconies, coffee, more lemon water, the BEST hot chocolate, as well as chocolate muffins and scones.

The entire staff of the Spa at the Hershey Hotel welcomed momma and I with open arms. Our experience was amazing and we are already planning our next spa day next year :)

Come back to see more of my Pennsylvania va-cay!:)

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  1. This day at the Spa sounds AMAZING. I've always been dieing to go to a spa, and Heshey Pennsylvania.