Friday, January 6, 2012

Athens Trip!

This past football season some friends and I decided to have a ROAD TRIP to Athens, Georgia to watch the Auburn Tigers take on the Georgia Bulldogs. We had such a fun time hanging out in downtown Athens and enjoying the company of great friends. Here's some pics of the 'crew' that went down to Georgia!

All the hotels were booked, and we even booked ours like a month and a half before the game. Well, one of the showers was 'ghetto' and CJ and I played the FixIts's and fixed it :) No need to call room service!

It's gameday!!! The campus was gorgeous with all the fall scenery! The weather was fantastic and the changing of the leaves was beautiful!

I had a splendid time riding in the backseat with these two craxy guys! People called Jason and I "Hank and Dolly" all weekend...see any similarities?
We went to a local hotspot downtown one night for a famous "General's Sweet Tea". They were so yummy!! Sorry this is a bad cell phone pic!
We didn't come out on top and take home the win but I still support the Auburn Tigers!

War Eagle!


  1. There's really nothing like college football, is there?? I love it!! Oh--and super cute group of boys there. I'm pretty sure I need a southern boy in my life, so if any of them are single... ;)